A tranquil afternoon with buffalo

Pamushana | June 2019

Buffalo are not very high up on many safari guests list of animals to watch, however they can be an interesting species to observe. This particular afternoon we were off the beaten track looking for rhinos. The roads led us to Lojaan Dam, a quiet little corner in the central east of our property. Just before we got to the dam we bumped into the start of a breeding herd of buffalo, that were heading to the water to drink.

Very slowly we made our way through the herd. At the dam we realized that the best way for us to view the buffalo would be to get off the vehicle and walk to the dam wall, which is what we did. Sitting at the safety of the wall, we were at a distance that allowed the buffaloes to come and drink peacefully.

The position of the wall put us in a great place to get some nice photos of the herd of buffaloes in good light. As it turned out that was all that was in store for us that afternoon, and that was enough. Just being able to watch a herd of over 100 buffalo coming down to the water to drink, and all the herd dynamics that goes with that, was entertainment second to none.