The winter lily (Adenium multiflorum) 

Sabi Sand | July 2020

This vibrant flower would stand out anywhere, but because it only flowers in our winter months (usually between July and September) when the surrounding vegetation is rather dull, this beautiful lily is really a welcome splash of colour!

Although beautiful, these bright colours are there to serve as a warning to stay clear! This little succulent is well known for its toxicity, as the milky latex contained inside has a toxic alkaloid, which is a ‘cardiac glycoside’ that effects the functioning of the heart. The Koi San found out the properties of these flowers a long time ago and used these toxins for fishing and arrowhead poisoning.

Even though the plant is quite toxic, it is actually still quite heavily fed upon. This will prevent this succulent from growing very tall. Most winter lilies found on Singita Sabi Sands stand under a metre tall. When protected in gardens, however, it can comfortably reach three metres.

This stunning and interesting little flower is definitely one to look out for, especially if you are visiting us during the winter months.