The secretive one

Grumeti | December 2019

The leopard is a secretive animal, making them somewhat difficult to locate and observe sometimes. These days, on the Grumeti Reserve, we are fortunate to be able to view these animals as they relax with the presence of the vehicles which is huge testament to the great work we have been doing regarding conservation efforts and a gentle habituation process. The animals are more comfortable with our presence whilst we view them which allows us the great privilege of seeing a little deeper into the lives of these incredible cats.

At the begging of the month I was fortunate to see a beautiful male leopard with an eland calf kill on the Eagles Nest Road, close to the Grumeti River. As he began feeding on the kill he noticed spotted hyenas approaching quickly. The big male leopard wasted not a second and began to drag and hoist the eland calf into the nearest balanites tree. From this point on the leopard relaxed and could comfortably go about feeding once again – its precious meal now safe from the crushing jaws of the hyena.