The return of the wildebeest

Grumeti | October 2018

Throughout the month we have had streams of wildebeest making their way back onto the concession. They are all coming in from the north-east entering through the Ikorongo area and filing west.

Sasakwa Dam has been a hive of activity during the month, with huge herds of zebras and wildebeest coming to drink each day. Herds of elephants have also been seen drinking at the dam on a daily basis and many guests have been fortunate enough to see them swimming in the dam.

Across the concession we have been having some good rains, with several massive thunderstorms sweeping across the Sasakwa and Sabora plains. The Grumeti Fund has been continuing with their seasonal burning and these burnt areas are flush with new growth making them a magnetic for zebra and wildebeest.

Images by Gadel S. Kimaro (Field guide, Singita Grumeti).