The return of the white lion

Kruger National Park | March 2019

One mornings we were planning our drive and decided to use our western boundary road to get up north. While driving we managed to spot fresh lion tracks crossing the boundary road towards our concession. We decided to track them and after following the tracks for about ten minutes we located five nomadic sub-adult lions, which we recognised to be a portion of the Shishangaan Pride. One of these five sub-adult male lions was the famous white lion. After believing that they might have left our concession forever we were so happy to see them again!

Luckily, they stayed in our concession for the next week and we hope that they will frequent our area on a regular basis. It would be great to see them grow to a mature stage, especially the white lion, as we would like to see him grow and develop his white mane.


Photos by Brian Rode