The migration returns

Grumeti | June 2018

After much doubt and concern as to the migrations arrival on the concession, 21st June was the day they arrived. This year has seen their arrival delayed by 1 month and this is due to the noticeable rains Tanzania has received this year. With their arrival, our predator sightings have been fantastic, with many kills being seen by our guests. In particular, the Butamtam and Nyasarori prides have been gorging themselves on wildebeest which pour into the area.

The Grumeti lion population is having a feast out there, with each pride making several kills daily.

The Butamtam pride, who have moved down towards the Raho drainage, are fat and healthy due to the constant supply of wildebeest they’re feeding on. They have been seen on a daily basis for the last two weeks moving between the Raho drainage and WD watering hole.

Two females have moved away from the pride and are spending their time between OP 7 and Sasakwa Dam. With huge numbers of wildebeest and zebra drinking at the dam they don’t have to move far for a meal.

The Nyasarori pride have also camped themselves on the Raho drainage, downstream of Kigelia crossing, and are having the time of their lives. On one morning we came across them having made eight kills during the night, then later in the morning they made two more, so in the space of a 12 hour period they killed 10 wildebeest!

The reason for this is, this particular pride has five males and three females that are two years of age and they are now honing their skills on the bounty of wildebeest. Of the ten killed they only ate five of them, leaving the rest to hyenas and vultures.