The male leopard

Sabi Sand | July 2019

A male leopard is powerfully built with a beautifully marked coat. His body colour varies from off-white to orange russet, with black spots on the legs, flanks, hindquarters and the head, the spots over the rest of the body consist of rosettes or broken circles of irregular black spots.

This male (Thamba male) recently challenged one of the dominant males in the southern parts of Singita Sabi Sand however, most of his activity takes place in the central parts of the reserve.

He is extending his territory and beginning to spread all over the southern half of the reserve. He marks his territory and will defend this territory against other males.

A male’s range may overlap those of several females with whom he will mate, and he has recently been seen mating with the Mobeni female. Territories are marked with urine scrapes and droppings as well as vocalizing. A territory should comprise of an area where there are female leopards, good amounts of food and enough space to move around.

We hope this male stays for a long time to come.