The Lion and the Buffalo

Grumeti | February 2019

It was early morning on the Nyati Plains and the sun was just beginning to rise. The Butamtam pride were on the hunt. They had begun an approach on a breeding herd of Buffalo. A tall order for the Lions but with many mouths to feed the pressure was on. The lion prides of the Grumeti will quite often target Buffalo when other more favoured prey species have moved on to other pastures.

The Lions made their move, cutting the herd and doing their best to isolate one of the weaker members….it was pandemonium. The Buffalo making it difficult for the Lions, however, they continued to persist. All of a sudden the Lions were on to a Buffalo cow and before we knew it she was down!

This was by no means the end, incredibly the rest of the herd began to make their way back to the fallen Buffalo cow and begin taunting the Lions. The Buffalo edged forward like a barrage of riot police, rushing in on the Lions and eventually pushing them off their fallen friend. The Lions, not willing to pay the penalty of injury or worse, tuck tailed and ran!

The Buffalo cow frigidly made it to her feet within the security of the other herd members and moved off across the grasslands to live another day. The 17 members of the Butamtam pride remained hungry that morning… awaiting another chance to come.

This was, undoubtedly, one of the most fascinating wildlife experiences I have witnessed to date, I shall not forget it and neither will my guests.