The Landscapes of the N’wanetsi Concession

Kruger National Park | February 2020

The Singita Lebombo concession is certainly a unique area not only in the Kruger National Park but also among the neighbouring private game reserves. With its unique landscape it truly is a feast for the eyes, especially the Lebombo mountains and Granophyre outcrops with their different and mostly endemic types of vegetation like the Lebombo euphorbia, Lebombo ironwood, green apple and yellow firebush.

The basalt soil and resultant grassy plains in the middle of the concession make for incredible plains game viewing with regular sightings of cheetah and vast amounts of zebra, giraffe and wildebeest, thereby also attracting lions to this area. Here lions often form extraordinarily large prides due to the readily available food and large coalitions of males patrol and defend their respective territories.

The central depression divides the eastern part with a drainage line that runs down the majority of the concession from south to north. The thick vegetation around this drainage line affords good cover for the more secretive animals like leopard and the elusive Sharpe’s grysbok. Vantage points for morning coffee and sundowners are certainly not in short supply and from Green Apple Hill you can see the Drakensberg range in the distance on a clear day.