The hyena and the full-grown wildebeest

Grumeti | July 2019

We were on a morning game drive with two guests, on Sabora Access Road. We came across a herd of wildebeest running north to south of the road and I stopped my vehicle in order to watch and let them cross the road.

I thought that they were running to the waterhole which is near to Singita Sabora Tented Camp, but then suddenly they changed direction and start running in circles. Then I spotted a single hyena running in between them. I thought the hyena was scared by the wildebeests and was trying to run away from them, but instead the hyena was seriously chasing one of the wildebeest.

After chasing the wildebeest for about an hour without giving up, and dodging some of the wildebeest that tried to scar it away, the hyena targeted the same wildebeest that it had been chasing from the beginning and managed to pull it down, and started eating while the animal was still alive!

We were all shocked by that action because the wildebeest was a healthy full-grown male. That was the highlight sighting of the month for me!