The beauty of a little rain

Sabi Sand | November 2019

Although it has officially been spring for a while, for me it really starts to feel like it has sprung once we have our first decent rain and, of course, dramatic thunderstorm of the season! This year even more so following the very dry conditions in this area.

We had it right towards the end of October following a couple of extremely hot days. It was a welcomed relief temperature-wise, and the guests lucky enough to be here at the time were treated to one of the amazing bush experiences! The smell is so difficult to describe but everyone would agree that it is completely unmistakable and just wonderfully clean, especially following the first drops to moisturise the parched ground.

The birds turn out in full chorus, including so many migratory species who seem to time their arrival perfectly, and there is an almost noticeable sigh of relief from all the larger animals, especially those who are so reliant on grass!

What has always fascinated me is how quick the transformation is now that we’ve had the first decent rain. What looked like barren dry land has a new lease on life and within just a few days has signs of new green growth, a colour that we have seriously missed for a few months. What this also means is it’ the start of the lambing/baby season.

With overnight rainfall, we all woke up with the river in full flood. The bulk of the rainfall was outside the reserve unfortunately, however it was a relief for all, as the waterway filled up. The river subsided pretty quickly due to the dry earth soaking it up.

Even the resident hippo pod moved away briefly from the crossing point west of Ebony lodge.

Even the Burchell’s coucals decided summer had officially arrived!