The slender mongoose (Herpestes sanguineus)

Pamushana | December 2018

This is an amazing little animal that has the speed of greased lightning! The slender mongoose is the most ferocious of the mongooses and is frequently seen, on game drives, crossing the road at high speed, undeniably recognised by its speckled russet colour and black-tipped tail.

They are diurnal solitary animals that keep a territory. Their diet consists mostly of birds, rodents, snakes and lizards but they will, at
times, also hunt insects. Geographically their colour can range from grey to dark brown. The meaning of the Latin/Greek name translates to an animal that creeps on all fours and that is blood red or blood thirsty. Quite apt if you ask me!

In my experience, what I find most amazing is the fact that birds and other smaller mammals will sometimes alarm call louder about a slender mongoose’s presence than they would for a bigger predator such as a leopard.