Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | November 2012

Loving, fighting and eating: No, we’re not talking about Thanksgiving! But the animals of Singita Grumeti seemed to be doing a whole lot of this in November. From cheetah territory battles to lion love sessions, migration feasts and one extreme zebra duel, the wildlife action at Singita Grumeti did not disappoint this month. Pictured here are two impala males locked in a fight for dominance. The successful male gains or remains in control of the disputed territory and its resident females. During the rut, these bouts for control can take place every seven to ten days. Once a male has settled in the territory his work is really cut out for him; trying to mate with as many females as quickly as possible and keeping the surrounding bachelors at bay. This leaves little time for feeding and the net result is a rapid loss of condition. The more stronger and fitter of the bachelors on the outskirts will then move in for a chance at the title. This cycle continues for the duration of the rut which is approximately six weeks long.