Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | June 2011

The Wildebeest Migration was declared the 7th new Wonder of the Natural World in June 2006 and it is well justified. This annual mass movement of over a million wildebeest has to be one of the most awe inspiring sights on earth. It is very possible that these animals have been making this astonishing trek for millions of years and if that is so then man must have been marveling over this for millennia.

Imagine the delight on his face when faced with what looked like an easy source of food, and indeed it must have been far easier to find a meal when there were wildebeest for as far as the eye could see. There was literally rank after rank of the animals filing onto the plains on a daily basis, from the 25th May we watched as the numbers swelled until it seemed there would be room for no more. They came on still. The herds of topi and zebra gave way before encroaching hordes; elephant left the low lying areas and headed for the hills.