Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | February 2011

The plains have changed, from short green pastures to long waving seas of grass. In one month the growth has been phenomenal; you could almost see the grass growing and then turning from lush green to golden brown. When looking a bit closer you can still see the green in amongst the gold but it won’t be long before even that is gone. We are still waiting for the long rains to start. For a short while it looked as if they had but it was all just false promises. Once they do there will be a revival of growth across the property and the black cotton soils that support the grasses will turn green again.
The opportunity to visit any wildlife preservation area in the world captivates one with a sense of excitement, irrespective of where that may be. In Africa it is the thrill of seeing the Big 5 and in the Serengeti it is that, combined with the possibility of seeing the Migration.