Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | February 2012

The month of February heralds the onset of the ‘Long Rains’ in this system that does not recognize the classic seasonality of summer, autumn, winter and spring – see article below. It is characterized by seemingly endless beautiful golden meadows of mature Red Oats Grass (Themeda triandra) and plumes of smoke as the plains burn – preparing to flush into bright green succulent grazing in time for the return of the migrating herds, as Nature’s timeless cycle turns its next page. Mornings and evenings are extraordinary, bathing the vast plains of Grumeti Reserves in a soft pink light as the sun filters through a smoky haze encircling the horizon line. At the conclusion of my three week training session I felt it necessary to focus on dispelling some of the myths or misconceptions associated with this extraordinary piece of East African Paradise, as misinformation may result in a failure to visit, and this would certainly leave a vacant area in one’s soul!!