Singita Sabi Sand

Sabi Sand | May 2016

Winter is certainly on our doorstep and the crisp morning air and the shorter grass has heralded the arrival of a few new additions. For the first time in many years we have an active African wild dog den-site in the north of our exclusive traversing area. Some of our guides and almost all our guests have never seen young wild dog puppies before, so it has been a highlight for all.

 Leopards: Hlaba’nkunzi recently killed a bushbuck in view of Singita Boulders Lodge. Guests were astonished to see the kill take place in broad daylight, early in the afternoon. Many guests decided to sit and watch the scene unfold before heading off later than usual on their afternoon safari. Hlaba’nkunzi and her son are still viewed together however she is becoming more and more reluctant to share her carcasses with her young male leopard son who is becoming more independent. They are both still moving within the lodge perimeters.

Wild Dogs: Described as being one of the most exciting days in any guide’s career was finding a wild dog den. Grant Pengilly was overwhelmed with excitement when sharing the news of the recent site, just north of the Sand River. We have seen seven puppies emerging from the den and the guides have agreed that the puppies are approximately four weeks old.

Lions: In April we mentioned the two new lion cubs born into the Mhangene pride and this time we are announcing that an additional four cubs have been seen within the same area as the last den-site. The four little fur balls have been viewed on a few occasions, from a distance, however they are just too young to be moved from the den-site at this stage.

Buffaloes: Herds have been seen in strong numbers.  Water pans are now centralised to certain parts of the reserve due to the change of season, and the herds have kept to the specific path.

Elephants: Several herds continue to congregate along the Sand River in view of the lodges.


Read the full wildlife report here: Singita Sabi Sand Wildlife Report May 2016