Singita Sabi Sand

Sabi Sand | March 2016

Lion: March was another exciting month in the bush with regards to lion pride movements. The big news was the first sighting of one of the Mangheni lionesses with two cubs. They were literally stumbled upon as one of the guides, along with trackers, scouted an area for a morning coffee stop. A rocky outcrop overlooking the flowing Sand River looked to be a perfect location; it seems the lionesses thought so too and had set up den before their arrival. Fortunately the lioness was unaware of their presence and they scurried back to the vehicle with a large smile. We have been viewing the cubs from a distance and look forward to new sightings as they move with the lioness to alterative den-sites.

Leopard: The Hukumuri female has been seen with only one remaining cub. It’s uncertain what happened to the second cub, but it is unlikely to be alive, as it has not been seen moving with the mother and sibling.
The young male offspring from the Hlab’nkunzi female has been spending less time with his mother. In the few interactions that they have had, it has been noticeable that the female is looking to part ways with the young male, marked by quite aggressive interactions at times.

Buffalo: Large herds of buffalo continue to congregate in the south of the reserve visiting the permanent water sources. They continue to be trailed on and off by the Mangheni pride of lions.

Elephant: The reserve has been an elephant haven of late, with several hundred elephant seen throughout the days. With the recent rain this has alleviated pressure on the bush and the larger groups have dispersed throughout the reserve. Temporary pools of water have been filled and encounters with elephants around these water sources have been rewarding as they splash in the muddy pools during the late afternoon game drives.

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