Singita Sabi Sand

Sabi Sand | January 2016

Rain drenched the dry earth during the evening on a few occasions and the green flush is evident throughout the area. The drainage lines leading down to the Sand River are still dry,  however the vegetation is in full revival mode. 

Here’s a highlights package of the month’s sightings:

Lions: A very interesting interaction occurred recently between two of the prominent prides in the area. A fight between the pride females was brief due to the Majingalane male lions soon resolving the heightened tension. What made this sighting even more interesting was that two of the male lions were showing an invested interest of courting a lioness from either pride and this was very unusual to watch.

Leopards: Exciting news. The Hukumuri female leopard in the north was found in the north with two cubs. Tracks of the female along with her two cubs were reported a few weeks ago and it seems that the trio are moving much more as the cubs are now feeding on the carcasses along with their mother.

Buffaloes: The herds of buffalo have been smaller in comparison to the previous month. A large number of smaller groups of buffalo bulls have been seen north of the river.

Elephants: After the recent rain, larger numbers of elephants have been seen regularly. One of the sightings was recorded with well over 50 elephants in the herd. The large movement of the herds have created some very interesting sightings during breakfast and lunchtime, from the lodge decks overlooking the Sand River.

Read the full wildlife report here: Singita Sabi Sand Wildlife Report Jan 2016