Singita Sabi Sand

Sabi Sand | December 2015

With a maximum record of 41˚C, the vegetation has been scorched by the hot conditions. Fortunately with the light rain that we did receive it’s allowed some of the flowering plants to blossom.

Here’s a highlights package of the month’s sightings:

Hyenas: It’s such a joy when hyena cubs are about – they’re curios and like to investigate everything around them.

Lions: Lion sightings currently could not get any better! Two male lions of the Matimba coalition have been sighted on a few occasions, and they are gradually expanding their current territorial zone north of the river. The Mhangene pride continue to dominate the central area of Singita Sabi Sand. We watched a few interactions between the Majingalane male lions and the sub-adult males of the Mhangene pride that resulted in the young males being dispersed from the pride temporarily. One of the lionesses from the Mhangene pride has been seen with prominent suckle marks indicating that she has given birth. The lionesses has been seen moving in front of the lodges during the early morning and we suspect that the cubs are hidden in the river just east of Boulders Lodge. Exciting times ahead with this pride!

Leopards: Hlaba’Nkunzi’s male cub has slowly started to become independent. The young male has been wandering along the lodge perimeters and has been seen on a regular basis.

Buffalos: A large herd of buffalo have been congregating around Castleton dam on several occasions. A few single bulls have been encountered.

Elephants: Many elephant were seen moving along the Sand River as they were drawn to the remaining water source. It’s been a treat watching them from the lodges. (Insider tip: an ideal location to watch game is from your private plunge pool!)

Wild dogs: A pack of 21 wild dogs has been seen north of the Sand River. With their puppies growing up they are covering more ground which means more sightings are bound to occur.

Download the full report here: Singita Sabi Sand Wildlife Report December 2015