Singita Pamushana

Pamushana | March 2016

March is a beautiful time out here – a little cooler, everything green and lush, and the plains game all looking healthy, well fed and with little ones running at heel.

Lion: The predators have to work for their meals now – no more lying in wait at waterholes until dehydrated plains game are forced to take a drink. Added to this is that we suspect some of the lionesses are pregnant and they’ll need to stay in good condition to maintain a healthy pregnancy and carry to term. By our calculations there might be cubs born in the next month or two.

Cheetah: It’s also slim pickings for the cheetahs now – we don’t have the vast open sprinting plains of the Serengeti and it is more difficult for these speedsters to hunt in thick bush and long grass.

Leopard: The leopard population isn’t so affected by the lush vegetation as it means even better camouflage opportunities for them to stalk close to their prey, and pounce.

Hyena: We’ve had excellent sightings this week of five spotted hyenas and one wild dog feeding on a zebra carcass.

Rhino: Excellent sightings abound of both black and white rhinos.

Elephant: When the vegetation is lush the fragmented herds join up, and there has been some interesting behaviour and beautiful sightings – see the story that follows.

Buffalo & plains game: The heroes of the hour are the buffalo and plains game such as impala, zebra, wildebeest, eland, sable, hartebeest and all the smaller antelope we find here. I was delighted to photograph some extreme close-ups of buffaloes and oxpeckers in warm late-afternoon autumn light recently – see the story that follows.

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