Singita Pamushana

Pamushana | November 2015

There are days by which we mark time, and two of these occurred this month. On 21 October the first impala lamb of the season was seen on its wobbly legs, and on the 24th the calm was pierced with the “trrp-trrrrrrrrr” of the woodland kingfishers’ chorus. Let the bush festivities begin!

Speaking of festivities, here’s a message from our General Manager of Tourism, Jason Turner, “We’re hoping that all our American friends and family have enjoyed celebrating their Thanksgiving so far! Whilst it’s not a national holiday here in Zimbabwe it does remind us all how fortunate we are, and grateful to have what we have and do what we do!”

It’s been boiling hot, and while that does deter some guests at this time; it certainly does not deter the wildlife from showing itself. Here’s an overview of November’s wildlife news:

A delightful new arrival is this little white rhino calf, looking a lot like Shrek. The parents were seen taking a drink while keeping a close eye and protective stance over the baby, who will suckle milk exclusively now, and then supplement its suckling with grazing and water over the next 18 months until it is fully weaned. We’ve had excellent rhino sightings as always. One group of guests wanted to try and spot a black rhino on their way to the Kambako Bushcraft Museum, and did so on two occasions. Another drive to Nduna Dam produced five white rhinos along the way.

Wild Dogs:
We’re so pleased that the pack of wild dogs is still on the property, for now. Twenty of the patchwork beauties were seen resting near the water’s edge of Nduna Dam, along with plenty of plains game that soon scattered when the dogs began their pre-hunting ritual.

Lion sightings continue to be excellent, thanks to our specialist tracking team. A highlight for guests was watching a lion hunting a warthog near Nduna Dam. (Yes, Nduna Dam has seen a lot of action!)

The cheetah highlight for the month was seeing four of the world’s fastest sprinters together.

There’ve been beautiful breeding herds of elephants with their funny youngsters getting up to mischief, and some stately old bulls who keep to themselves.

Buffalo & plains game:
Thanks to the dry weather and draw of the waterpoints we’ve had good viewing of eland, wildebeest, impalas, kudus, zebras, giraffes and large herds of buffalo.

A highlight one morning was seeing a beautiful Natal robin, south of Chikwete Cliffs.

Photo hide:
The photo hide never disappoints. Here three wildebeest, animals that are numerous yet hard to get close to in a vehicle, drink undisturbed and unperturbed by us hidden in the hide.

Walks & water safaris:
It’s a lovely time of year to walk and see the smaller things, but as any parent would say, “Watch where you walk!” Honestly, the lions are exactly the same colour as the grass. Or, I should say, the grass is exactly the same colour as the lions at the moment. Stepping on a sleeping lion is known to be hazardous to one’s health. Far more relaxing is a sundowner cruise with the pods of laugh-a-lot hippopotami.


Read the full report here: SP Wildlife Report November 2015 JH.