Singita Pamushana

Pamushana | March 2012

It’s the season of plenty at the moment and all the wildlife are in excellent condition. It’s a wonderful and uplifting time to be in the bush, and as winter begins to take over the territory of summer the wilderness couldn’t be more inviting to us mere mortals! In fact many of the photographs I’ve selected for this month’s journal have been taken by staff in the area around our homes on the property, or on the drive to the lodge. At home we have prowlers of the night that come calling too – some suspicious grunting and snuffling noises a few evenings ago turned out to be coming from a family of four porcupines that were revealed in the strong beam of a night light!

Wilson Tshumisa is a superb storyteller, a gift handed down to him from his forefathers, around the embers of a dying fire. His smoky eyes hold a million memories and his dazzling smile could disarm the fiercest warlord. Wilson does the maintenance for Singita Pamushana Lodge, but last week he had the opportunity to accompany the guides on a walking exercise. He returned with a tale of course, and this is his story