Singita Pamushana

Pamushana | June 2012

This month there are many characters in the stories I’ve chosen – there are the lead animals as always and, in addition, other creatures and props that are integral to the plot such as eagles, deadwood, flowers, a wasps’ nest and even dung-loving mushrooms! The photograph on this page is a detail of the Singita Pamushana pool. It has to be among the most extraordinary pools of the world as its rim-flow edge allows you to gaze over a vast dam below where a large pod of hippos live. It is the perfect place to cool off during an afternoon in the sun, and I think the elephants would agree – although they have a pool of their own, thankfully…

An afternoon at the pool

One of the most memorable afternoon safari drives that you could experience is to watch a herd of hot and thirsty elephants at a large deep pool. Elephants need to drink daily and can take in between 100 and 160 litres at a time. This large amount is necessary to facilitate the digestion of the coarse food they eat. However, should the waterhole be deep and safe enough for a swim, there’s nothing that they enjoy more than a swim and a wallow – especially the bulls. In this wonderful scene that we were privy to, we saw two bulls in the middle of the pool. One was drinking and spraying water over himself while the other swam about using his trunk as a snorkel. Before long we noticed a big commotion in the nearby bushes.