Singita Pamushana

Pamushana | January 2012

No sooner had we begun bemoaning a serious lack of rain in January than cyclone Dando whipped us with his tail and we received a 65mm downpour in three hours! It was just what we needed and arrived without the flood situations that were taking place further south in the lowveld. It’s the season of plenty at Pamushana and every living being is making the most of it – including this precious amethyst fruit chafer.

An exciting television programme to look out for is the screening of resident wildlife filmmaker Kim Wolhuter’s documentary, “A Dog’s Life” which makes its debut on Nat Geo Wild channel on 1 February. It is the story of a pack of highly endangered wild dogs(Lycaon pictus) and their quest for survival, and it was filmed over the past few years on our pristine wildlife reserve.