Singita Pamushana

Pamushana | December 2011

December has delivered good rains, prolific green growth, an abundance of flowers, and a whole kingdom of fungi. Updates from some of the recent journals are that the four cheetah cubs and their doting mother are doing very well, and the Cape clawless otter has been seen frolicking in the water with a mate!

Outstanding sightings have been a crash of six black rhino together, and two kills seemingly all the more gruesome for their unexpectedness – a lioness crunching into the innards of a leopard tortoise, and a leopard with a doomed tree squirrel twitching in its mouth!

Setting out in the sleepy hours of a morning and finding fresh sharp leopard (Panthera pardus) tracks in the soft sand of the path ahead swiftly accelerates your senses to high alert mode.