Singita Pamushana

Pamushana | August 2020

It’s cold (by our standards) but we have had some wonderful clear days. The bush has dried out a lot as the season changes and the wildlife sightings are increasing as the natural pans start to dry up completely.

A snapshot of August’s sightings follows:


  • The Nduna pride have been concentrating on buffalo and have killed and eaten three, that we know of. The cubs reported recently, have not been seen again this month.
  • There have been two youngish males and a lioness seen on three occasions around the West Valley area and the team have been tracking them for identification photos to confirm if we have them recorded yet or not. We bumped into them last week when we were on our walks for rock art and they were not comfortable with our presence and ran off.
  • Two of our guides had an amazing time with some lions on a buffalo kill at the swamps. There was also good hyena interaction there.


  • Leopard sightings have been a bit better this month with staff reporting a male leopard drinking, on a few occasions, in the afternoon off the Simbiri Dam wall.
  • During the daytime at Pamushana Lodge, one of the house keepers surprised a leopard at Villa 5! They both got a fright and ran in opposite directions from each other.
  • A small leopard cub was seen on Orphan Road near Bravo 3.

Wild dogs:

  • The dogs have been seen on at least two occasions this month around Simbiri. No sign of pups yet but we remain confident that it won’t be long before we get to see them. There were the remains of a fresh impala kill at the top end of Nduna Dam last week which was from the dogs as we saw the spoor.


  • Hyenas are a common sight early mornings and early evenings. With the Nduna lions moving around the HQ area, hyenas are seen most days around there and other places like Banyini.


  • White rhino sightings have increased around the Nduna area in the evenings around and after sunset. They are now a common sight around Banyini Pan in the evening as well as at Hwata Pan.
  • Black rhinos have been seen on a few occasions.


  • The big herd, totalling 70 individuals, is still frequently seen. They seem to have moved and are being seen near the swamps on the Hippo Valley side.
  • Elephant bulls together with the big tusker are seen very frequently on West Valley, airstrip, Banyini, Orphan Road and the HQ area.
  • The bull that stands on his hind legs to feed has been seen again a few times this month.


  • Buffalo herds are frequenting Nduna Dam and Sosigi Dam daily.
  • There was a large herd seen at the swamps on the Hippo Valley side.
  • More and more old bold buffalo bulls are being seen in small groups or by themselves.

 Boat cruises & fishing

  • Several cruises and fishing trips have gone out this month and there have been very good catches of tigerfish and bream which is unusual in this cold weather.

Walks and rock art

  • Our rock art site identification project has reached a total of 120 sites. That’s 10 new sites this month!

Read the full wildlife report here: Singita Pamaushana Journal August 2020