Singita Pamushana

Pamushana | June 2020

During this month of June the mornings are still very crisp, to say the least! We have had several overcast days and for one week we had light rain that lasted two days which is very unusual for this time of year but, then again, what is not unusual this year. The bush is still incredibly beautiful and I can say with certainty that it’s the safest and best place to be.

Here is a snapshot of June’s sightings:


  • The two Nduna pride cubs reported last month were seen again on two occasions around the Lojaan Dam area.
  • On one morning we had reports of lions on West Valley that had killed a warthog, at the same time this was going on a second report of lions on a juvenile buffalo were seen on Banyini, and again a third sighting came in of lions on a buffalo kill at Kim’s Crossing.
  • There has been a report of a single male lion visiting Nduna from time to time and a second male around the Chikwete area as well.


  • Leopard sightings have been a bit scarce recently without regular game drives taking place but their tracks are seen all over the place. One leopard was seen on our main road around the Sosigi area.

Wild dogs:

  • The dogs have been seen on about three occasions this month and it always seems to be around the HQ area, airstrip and start of West Valley. The dogs are denning, as the alpha female again has not been present on the last couple of sightings and only eight dogs are seen each time.


  • Hyenas are very active along the roads which we drive regularly. Recently on the way to Banyini there was a giraffe that had died of natural causes and the amount of hyena that visited the carcass was unreal, even days after with very little left, they still came.


  • White rhinos are almost guaranteed now in the afternoon along the Orphan Road between airstrip and 02. Banyini has also been great for crashes of them in the afternoons.
  • Black rhinos have been seen less but that is normal. On one occasion the guides came across three black rhinos whilst checking out a ruin site.


  • The big herd, totalling 70 individuals, is still frequenting Sosigi Dam. Another herd has been seen on a few occasions around the 02 area and they are often spotted at Ray’s Drift, where they go for water. Another huge herd of elephants has recently been seen at Lojaan.
  • A group of around 12 bulls has been hanging around the airstrip area and Banyini Pan as well.


  • Buffalo herds are frequenting Banyini Pan a whole lot more now that inland natural pans are starting to dry up. A small herd of buffalo is still visiting Sosigi daily and there is another herd that has been spending a lot of time on the Orphan Road to Nduna.
  • There was a large herd of 800+ buffalo seen on a morning excursion for rock art. To drive a kilometre of road and still see buffalo gives you an idea of how huge this herd was.

Boat cruises & fishing

  • We’ve done three cruises so far this month to make sure the boats are well maintained. Not too much fishing is taking place but on weekends a few bream and tiger are caught.

Walks and rock art

  • This has been our focus during lockdown, and an article on the rock art finds follows. We have also found two ruins on the property that were completely new to us. This bring our ruins up to a total of three sites recorded on the database.

Read the full wildlife report here: Singita Pamaushana Journal June 2020