Singita Lamai

Lamai | November 2012

In the northern portion of the Serengeti National Park lies an area known as the Lamai Triangle, it is from here that I write this. The Lamai Triangle lies between the Mara River in the south with the Kenyan border and adjacent Serengeti National Park Border making up the other two sides. It is an area of 779 square kilometres (approximately 300 square miles) made up predominately of open grass plains. The Lamai Triangle was only incorporated into the Serengeti National Park in 1965, a move that has, without doubt, been of benefit to the great wildebeest migration. The Lamai Triangle is known as one of the best all year round game viewing destinations in the world, when the wildebeest and zebra are not migrating through this area there are large herds of resident game, such as buffalo, elephant and eland.