Singita Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park | May 2012

The lion dynamics are difficult at the moment, with the Mountain pride choosing to spend a large amount of time outside of the concession in the north west. The Shishangaan pride is 27 strong excluding the males, with the newest cubs still holding their own. They were seen on a buffalo kill at Xhingwenyana crossing. The Sticky Newu pride of two have been the most viewed animals.  The female is recovering well and her condition improving.  The male is more relaxed with the vehicles approaching.  They still however are uncertain when being viewed on foot. The Sticky thorn female was seen mating with an unknown large male at Xhingwenyana crossing, so it is hopeful we will have cub-viewing from this female around November. The Xhikelengane female is proving very difficult to find; her cub is around 6 months old and is yet to be seen. The Xhingwenyana male is still moving around holding a large territory and moves long distances overnight. Mangele male has also provided good viewing.