Singita Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park | February 2012

Every so often we are graced with the presence of the southern coalition of male lions. We came to know them as a group of five young males. They ventured into our territory from the south and have since ruled and reigned over the western sector. They have since split up in to a group of three and a group of two, pictured above. We do not see them enough to know how often these five males rejoin forces. It is not uncommon for coalitions of this magnitude to split off for long intervals as they can more effectively cover the much larger piece of territory they fought for. Pictured below one of the male lions approaches a young lioness from the Shishangaan pride. She was in estrous and the males were very interested. It was her first time though and her shy approach to the big males bared testament to this inexperience. Every time one of the males walked up to her she would turn and bolt in the opposite direction, only for curiousity to get the better of her and return soon afterwards.