Singita Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park | September 2012

For beautiful settings you don’t need to drive far into the Singita Kruger National Park concession; every corner has an element of “wow” sculptured into the landscape. Sundowners have to be a favorite time of the day.  Not only is it a time to fine tune your senses of smelling the air, listening to the sounds around you and taking in the beauty of the setting you are in, but it’s also that time on a game drive that allows for a pause button to reminisce and appreciate the experience. One of the best locations on the concession has to be amongst the granophyre rock formations. This area forms a large part of the view in the distance from Singita Lebombo and it never disappoints when you stop for a sundowner with the rocks as a backdrop to the sun setting in front. The area consists of granophyres and rhyolite rock. Granophyres are typically intrusive rocks that are crystallized at shallow depths and many have similar compositions to those of granites. The rocks contain quartz and alkali feldspar in their characteristic angular intergrowths. The area is dominated by drought resistant plants such as succulents and euphorbias. It’s not often that you can watch the sun set, the stars start to shine and the moon slowly rise behind you and so we dedicate our sundowners to this experience and realize the importance it has on being in tune with the surroundings.