Singita Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park | September 2011

Like liquid gold the first rays of sunlight pour over the surface of the waterhole. A flicking ear betrays the presence of a hippo on the far-bank and an African fish-eagle calls proudly from a dead Leadwood on the waters edge. The fever trees along the bank served as a safe house for the local baboon troop that’s slowly waking from their slumber. They sit facing the sun and soak up the first rays of light after a chilly early summer’s evening. Your day at the waterhole has begun. The single most important factor out here is water. Nothing can survive without it. As we approach the rainy season Kruger is at its driest. The need for life-giving water is so powerful that animals daily cover long distances, some up to 15km round-trips. This is a natural spectacle, and a very exciting one indeed.