Singita Lamai

Lamai | August 2017

August is always a great time to be in Lamai, the migration is in full swing with guests being fortunate to see numerous crossings on a daily basis, as well as a good concentration of general game in and around the camp.

Due to the large number of wildebeest in the area the guests were fortunate to see some great predator sightings, lions and leopards in particular. The wildebeest do a great job of trampling the grass in the area which allows our guides to spot the predators with some ease, as the visibility is increased a great deal.

The area received a few rain showers but not enough to hold water throughout the month, forcing all the general game to spend a great deal of time along the Mara River, making this area a hive of activity.

Lions: Lion sightings were very consistent throughout the month, with a total of 35 sightings seen. Due to the migration being around the majority of the lions in the area were seen feeding on wildebeest kills as this is the most abundant food source during this time of the year. The prides in the Lamai area are all looking healthy, with each pride having several cubs of varying ages.

Leopards: Good sightings of these magnificent cats were seen during the month, all within close proximity of the camp which made life easy for our guides and thrilling for our guests!

Cheetahs: As with previous months, the majority of the cheetah sightings were made up of the two males. On one occasion guests were lucky enough to see them take down a Topi, which is not often witnessed.

Elephants: These grey giants were seen each day, and with their need to drink twice a day the majority of the sightings took place along the Mara River. Some large breeding herds were seen, with the biggest estimated to be 65 animals.

The Migration: It was a great month to witness the migration, with daily crossing being seen. The majority of these crossing were heading south but, with the abnormal weather we have been having, numerous herds were seen crossing south only to get to the other side and cross back!


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