Singita Lamai

Lamai | September 2016

The Mara River Tented Camp was a great place to be in the month of September, with the migration making its long journey back south. Guests were treated to some amazing sightings, wildebeest crossings being the highlight of many of these.

September signifies the beginning of the early rains, which allows the burnt areas to rejuvenate with lovely lush new shoots making these areas a hotspot for the many herbivore species that occur there. With the plethora of general game comes the predators, and guests were spoiled for choice throughout the month, with several kills being witnessed, which is always thrilling to see.

Lions: Yet another great month for the lions in the Lamai Triangle, with a total of 24 different sightings seen. With the migration in full swing they did not have to work too hard to find a meal. There seem to be three different prides that make up the majority of the sightings, and the pride which frequents the koppies near the camp is seen on a regular basis. This pride has two magnificent big, black-maned males, which protect the pride and make sure that no other males are able to move into their territory and attempt a pride takeover. Dominate males will normally hold sway over a pride for two to five years whilst they are in the prime of their lives. When old age starts catching up with them younger, stronger males will move in and force them out, taking control of the pride.

Leopards: Leopard sightings definitely seem to be on the up, with the magnificent cats being seen on a more regular basis. A total of 15 sightings where seen throughout the month. With them being a solitary animal they are by far the hardest of the big cats to spot, making it even more special when you do.

Cheetahs: As with August the majority of the cheetah sightings this month were of the two males which frequent the Lamai Triangle. The guides do not have to work too hard to find them as they spend a great deal of their time in the area between the Kenya/Tanzania border. There were 13 sightings of cheetah seen and on two occasions it was of a female with the rest being of the two males.

Elephants: Elephants were seen on a regular basis throughout the month. Numerous breeding herds have been scattered throughout the area, with some lucky guests getting to see them swimming in the Mara River.


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