Singita Lamai

Lamai | August 2016

August is always a great time to be in Lamai, the wildebeest migration is in full swing with guest’s being fortunate to see numerous crossings on a daily basis, as well as a good concentration of general game in and around the camp.

Due to the large number of wildebeest in the area the guests were fortunate to see some great predator sightings, lion and leopard in particular. The wildebeest do a great job of trampling the grass in the area which allows our guides to pick up the predators with some ease, as the visibility is increased a great deal.

With August being a dry month with no rain, the majority of the sightings took place along the Mara River as well as the many drainage lines that flow into it. The big cats spend most of their time in these areas making it somewhat easier to locate them. 

Lions: There were 22 different lion sightings throughout the month, with the majority being of a pride of nine; one male, four females and five cubs, which spend a lot of time on the rocky outcrops that are dotted along the Mara River, making for some fantastic photographic opportunities. With the abundance of wildebeest in the area a few guest were lucky enough to see kills, which as many of you know is quite a lucky sighting to witness.

 Leopards: August provided great leopard sightings consistently throughout the month, with a total of 13 sightings. The big resident male and two females which fall within his territory made up the majority of the sightings. Many of these sightings involved the cats with their kills stashed safely up a tree.

Cheetahs: With a total of nine cheetah sightings seen this month, eight of these nine were of the two brothers who have been seen on a regular basis throughout the year. They move between the boundary of Kenya/Tanzania and they have a home range instead of a territory. A home range is not defended or exclusively held, and may overlap with that of other cheetahs. Home ranges are also much larger than a territory but the size of their home range depends largely on the availability of food and water.

Elephants: Elephant sightings have been very good this month, with them being seen every day.  Many of these sightings were in and around the camp, allowing the guests to enjoy them from the comfort of the lodge. Again majority of the sightings are along the Mara river as elephants are a water dependent species, needing to drink water at least twice a day.


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