Singita Lamai

Lamai | October 2015

October provided some great lion viewing. The guides accumulated 29 sightings over the month. With the presence of the wildebeest migration in the Lamai area there was a lot of lion feeding activity. A highlight was two sets of mating pairs, positioned not more than 200 m from one another.

On a few occasions a female and her two little cubs were seen.

The regularity of cheetah sightings came down this month and all of the sightings, bar one, were of the two dominant territorial males. The explanation for this is that the wildebeest migration spanned the Tanzania/Kenya border and the far-ranging cheetahs spent most of their time away from the area to avoid the wildebeest (not their typical prey species) and the lions and hyenas that follow in their wake.

As with the previous months there was great elephant viewing during October. It seems as though everywhere you went, there were elephants around. The Mara River is a huge draw for these animals that have vast appetites for food and drink. The guides had exceptional sightings of large breeding herds of elephants. The first occasion, early on in the month, was of a herd of 200, then later on a herd of close to 150 were seen congregated together. On one morning the guides and guests, travelling along the tributary near camp that feeds into the Mara River, were astounded by the amount of elephants that had collected along the banks. As far as they drove the elephants were spread out making the most of the riverine vegetation.

October is typically the month when the migration starts filtering south out of the northern reaches of their march. But as we have come to learn, there is nothing typical about the migration. Throughout October there were still decent numbers of wildebeest to be seen gathered on the plains and, to top it all off, there were a number of crossings to be witnessed right in front of Singita Mara River Tented Camp!

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