Singita Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park | April 2020

Autumn is slowly starting to creep in and the bushwillow leaves are gradually starting to turn a golden yellow. Late rains ensured that there is still sufficient grass cover, and in some areas, the grass is still green. This is attracting large herds of elephants into the area.

The impala rutting season has also started, and the roar of the rams are filling the skies as they proclaim their presence to would-be competitors and potential suitors alike. It’s always comical to watch the rams as they corral the females – they chase after them with their white fluffy tails flared out, whilst they emit a loud guttural roar. (To a bush novice it will be easy to assume it’s lions that have been vocalising, as the sound is rather loud and deep.)

With COVID-19 affecting tourism and travel no guests will unfortunately be able to witness the sounds and smells of the bush. With that being said, the Singita Kruger National Park guiding team has decided to share in some of their thoughts and feelings that we are experiencing at this point. Some felt like sharing stories of previous sightings experienced with guests prior to this outbreak, others would like to share about the cultural aspects of the local Shangaan tribe that lives in this part of South Africa, and others have composed poems to share their feelings.

May these words and photos transport you back to Africa, albeit for a short while, until our paths cross again at the Place of Miracles.

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