Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | November 2020

November has been a fantastic month and the sheer number of animals at Singita Grumeti has been mind-blowing! From great herds of wildebeest, zebra and eland to incredible aggregations of elephants, sometimes 200 strong. The Grumeti River began to flow with deep muddy waters once again with the increased rainfall in the catchment, and the green grasses begin to establish around the white sandy banks – it’s a magical sight combined with the flowering falcon’s claw acacia trees. The green, rich grasslands are bustling with activity and animals of all kinds are enjoying an explosion of food thanks to the good rains.

Here’s a sightings snapshot for November:


  • The Butamtam Pride have been providing some incredible sightings this November. They have been occupying the area between Sasakwa Hill, Pundamilia Ridge and the Mkomure Drainage. We have observed three new litters from them this month, the eldest litter of four cubs are now three months old.
  • The majority of the Nyasirori Pride have moved with the prey species a short distance to the Raho Drainage.
  • Great interaction with the lionesses of the Colobus Pride this month as we watched them regularly hunting zebra.


  • Leopard sightings have been very good with regular sightings once again of the Grumeti North female and daughter. She and her cub have moved a little further east.
  • The Ridge Hill female, daughter and son continue to utilise the woodlands at the base of the Ridge Hills.
  • We have had some great sightings of a young male leopard that seems to have moved into the Marsh/Mkomure region. He has not been seen many times before and appears to be quite relaxed now.
  • We enjoyed brilliant male leopard sightings on the Grumeti North Drainage towards Mbogo Drainage.


  • Cheetah sightings this month have been very impressive. Great activity again towards the Sabora region and from the Sasakwa Plains through to Pundamilia Ridge and on to the Sand Road region.
  • A single male and two different females have been utilising the Sasakwa Plains.
  • A mother with her two sub-adult sons has been observed south of OP 7 through to Sabora. They continue to do very well and we hope to see much more of them in the future.


  • The elephant numbers on the Grumeti have been simply “wow” this month. Great numbers aggregating in the west, close to Sabora and further to Explore. We have seen 100 + elephants on Sasakwa Hill from time to time as they move up to feed during the evenings. Large aggregations have been observed in the Grumeti North Hill area as well as up in the Ikorongo region.
  • Many bulls are mingling once again with the matriarchal herds making for very impressive sightings. 


  • Spotted hyena sightings have been great, especially as you would imagine in the Nyasirori high ground area where clans form the bulk of the large predator numbers.
  • Good spotted hyena numbers observed out west on the Gambaranyera Plain.


  • Fantastic buffalo viewing this month as the herds enjoy the great pasture that is available to them all over the reserve. Amazing herds sighted up in the Ikorongo region. Great numbers have been observed in the central region and to the West.


  • The rhinos are doing unbelievably well currently. Ivan remains on his section of the Grumeti River and has established a territory there. All individuals are fit, well and strong.

Read the full wildlife report here: Singita Grumeti Journal November 2020.