Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | September 2020

September has been a month with a noticeable amount of rainfall. Together with the short rains we had in August, the grasses are growing green in many areas of the concession. These newly growing grasses are attracting a number of species on the open grassland such as wildebeest, zebra, topi and gazelle.

Early in the month we started to see small herds of wildebeest moving on to our concession from the north-eastern side. The numbers kept increasing and even towards the end of the month we have continued to see large herds arriving from the north-east and going west.

The cats have been wonderful as always and with the arrival of the wildebeest in the area, they are feasting and very healthy.

Elephants are gathering in numbers along the drainage lines, grasslands and woodlands. The Ikorongo region in the north-east has seen good elephant numbers along the river, buffalo herds and wildebeest as they return west. There have been great giraffe and zebra sightings along the Grumeti River, downstream of Bangwezi and Grumeti North drainage.

The Grumeti River is flowing and with these rains water level has risen a few inches.

Here’s a sightings snapshot for September:


  • Great viewing of the Butamtam, Ridge and Nyasirori prides this month.
  • One full grown nomadic lion was seen around Nyati plain.
  • We’ve enjoyed good sighting of the two remaining Butamtam cubs, south of Sasakwa Dam. (One cub was killed – the story follows below.)
  • Interesting movements have been observed with the Ridge Hill Pride overlapping territories as they were seen below Sasakwa Hill.


  • Great sightings of the Mbogo Drainage male in the drainage upstream of Fort Ikoma Road.
  • We have had some super sightings of a big male south of Sabora along the drainage line.
  • Ridge Hill female was seen near the Pasiansi Camp with her two sub-adult cubs, in very good condition.


  • The Sasakwa male has been seen a few times south of Rhino Boma and east of Arab Camp Hill.
  • Great sighting of the female with her two sub-adult cubs seen in front of Sabora and out on the open plain east of Sabora.


  • Some huge aggregations sighted around the Kombre drainage and Albizia woodland.
  • Large herds feeding through the thickets around Marula and Balanitis Explores.
  • Great sightings of breeding herds wandering along Raho and Mbuni crossing.


  • Good sightings and viewing of a clan north of Rhino Rocks, hunting wildebeest.
  • Great interactions in the Nyasirori high ground and Sabora area, with good clan numbers.


  • Large buffalo herds were seen south of OP 7, Sasakwa plain, Gambaranyera plain, Sabora plain and Kombre drainage.
  • Great buffalo numbers in the Ikorongo region on the Grumeti River and Pofu plain.


  • The rhino are doing extremely well. Good reports from the conservation teams and now with the rain and improved feed the calves are getting stronger.

Read the full wildlife report here: Singita Grumeti Journal September 2020