Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | May 2019

May has been a phenomenal month with the return of many thousands of migratory wildebeest and zebra. On the 15th of May we received reports of huge numbers of wildebeest entering the Grumeti Reserve from the mid-east boundary to the National Park. Since then wildebeest have continued to push in across the Grumeti River and out onto the central grasslands.

Here’s a Sightings Snapshot for May:


  • A total of 112 sightings this month.
  • The predators have of course been waiting patiently for the wildebeests’ return and our central prides have been making the most of the precious herbivores. The Mkuyu Pride has been hunting the wildebeest close to and in the Grumeti River which has provided some exciting guest viewing. The Butamtam, Nyasirori and West Prides have been waiting for the wildebeest to spread out onto the central grasslands as they continue to occupy their usual ranges.
  • There are a handful of lionesses that have been sighted with youngsters this month which is very encouraging. Two of these Butamtam lionesses have been spending much time on Sasakwa Hill with their youngsters, and the nights have been filled with their bellowing calls.


  • A total of 32 sightings this month.
    • A female leopard was sighted on the Grumeti River with two young cubs of about three months old. The mother had been hiding the youngsters in the hollow of a sycamore fig, but we were lucky enough to watch them emerge as their mother returned from a hunting trip.
    • We have experienced lovey leopard viewing in the south in the Boundary Pan and drainage area.


  • A total of 27 sightings this month.
  • Excellent viewing as always in this their perfect hunting habitat.


  • A total of 64 sighting this month.
  • Elephant numbers have picked up once again with many elephants coming to drink at Sasakwa Dam, and aggregations of over 100 on the Raho Drainage between Sabora Camp and Marula Explore. Smaller breeding herds have been utilizing the area around Sasakwa Hill and the adjacent drainage lines.


  • A total of 125 sightings this month.


  • A total of 98 sightings this month.
  • As usual, the huge resident herds of buffalo remain upon the grasslands as black masses against the greener pastures.

Plains game

  • Good herds of topi, Robert’s gazelle, eland and Thompson’s gazelle have been sighted regularly on the Sabora plains and further to the west. Giraffe numbers have been excellent this month also with herds of up to 30 together regularly sighted.


Read the full wildlife report here: Singita Grumeti Wildlife Report – May 2019