Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | November 2017

November turned out to be a very wet month, with us having a thunderstorm almost every afternoon.

With the rain the reserve has transformed into a sea of green, with the plains teeming with general game.

The Sabora plains have been a hive of activity with huge herds of topi, zebras, eland and Thompson’s gazelles enjoying the new grass. We also had the migration in the concession for a week which is very unusual for this time of the year, as they are normally heading south towards the birthing grounds in the Serengeti.

Here’s an overview of the month’s sightings:

Lions: Our lion sightings just seem to be getting better each month, with a total of 168 sightings seen.

As with previous months, three prides make up for the majority of these sightings, the Butamtam, Nyasarori and West prides.

Three new Butamtam cubs where seen for the first time this month along Chui drainage, which seems to be the preferred spot to raise their cubs. These new additions take the pride total to 39 members.


The Nyasarori pride can expect some new members in the coming months as two females have been mating with the dominate males. When mating occurs the couple will move off from the pride for a few days and copulate very 15 to 20 minutes to ensure fertilization takes place.

The pride is now moving between the Raho drainage and the Nyasarori high ground.

The West pride continues to give guests staying at Explore some wonderful sightings, with them seen in the camp on a few occasions this month.

Cheetah: The mother and single cub have featured a great deal in our sightings this month, with them moving between the Sasakwa and Sabora plains. The cub is at that stage when it is going to have to venture off on its own and start the life of a solitary male.

The two brothers have also been seen regularly throughout the month, with them spending the majority of their time on the Sasakwa plains. They have continued to be very successful hunters, with them seen taking down several young wildebeest throughout the month.

Leopards: As with previous months leopard sightings have been dominated by the Mkombre female and her cub. They continue to move between Arab Camp hill and the Mkombre drainage. With the cub being a female we can expect her to stay within the same area for the remainder of her life, as the mother will give her a portion of her territory to take up residence.

Tulia and her two cubs are doing well, seen below near our Explore camps along the Raho drainage.

On several occasions this month we have seen a female and her 12-month-old cub along the Grumeti River near German bridge. The mother has been seen relaxing in the massive fig trees that line the river making for some amazing photography opportunities.

The Koroya hill female has been seen near Malingai drainage and she is clearly lactating which has now confirmed our suspicions that she has cubs; hopefully in the weeks to follow we will get our first glimpse of them.


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