Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | July 2017

With the migration leaving the property, things have slowly started getting back to normal. Our resident game populations have filled up the plains again – eland, topi, Thompson’s gazelles and zebras all abound across the concession.

July is normally considered to be the driest month of year in the Serengeti but this was far from the case. We had several big thunderstorms throughout the month bringing some much needed reprieve to all the animals, as it’s been a very dry year to date.

Lions: All the lion prides across the concession are healthy and happy, with each having between 8 – 22 cubs.

The most lions guests have seen together this month was 23, which made for an amazing sighting.

The Butamtam pride is very large at the moment, and can be described as a mega-pride, with their 22 cubs, ten females, and four males.

Cheetah: Our cheetah sightings are really becoming very consistent, with them being seen almost every day. The mother and cub contributed to almost 60% of our sightings, as she has taken up residency on Sasakwa and Sabora plains.

Leopards: Great month for our leopards, as we saw 61 leopard sightings.

Wild dogs: The dogs were seen on several occasions throughout the month and the pups, which are now about ten months old are starting to venture out with the adults, which is a good sign that they are fit and healthy.

So, total numbers in the pack are 23 being six adults, seven two-year-old sub-adults and ten puppies.

Elephants: During this time of the year, as it continues to dry out, we see an increase in our elephant sightings as well as herd sizes. The herds tend to come together over this time as they continue the search for water.


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