Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | October 2015

Lots of lion activity in October with 77 separate sightings for the month.The Butamtam pride, its territory now spanning from Sasakwa to Faru Faru, dominated the majority of the sightings. All of the Butamtam lions were ‘fat and happy’ in October, as a lack of water sources combined with large amounts of game provided excellent hunting conditions. Rare was the sighting reported where the lions didn’t have a kill with them. The two newest members of the Butamtam pride, three-month-old cubs, were seen often accompanied by two adult lionesses on the Sasakwa hill helicopter pad. There were also many sightings of the Nyasirori and Ridge prides around Sabora in the west.

Leopard activity was good in October, with sightings evenly spread out throughout the property. Leopards also benefitted from the good numbers of game on the concession and were seen often with carcasses up trees.

The mother cheetah and her two young cubs were spotted regularly in October. They mainly stayed in the Arab Camp, Rhino Rocks, and Marsh areas in between Sasakwa and Faru Faru.

Elephant sightings stayed consistent for the month. The majority of sightings were in the Faru Faru area and along the Grumeti River.

Herds of zebra and wildebeest, in their thousands, were scattered throughout the concession, providing ample general game food resources for the local predators.

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