Singita Grumeti

Grumeti | May 2013

The long rains continued to fall in the beginning of May, but eventually the sun came out, the rain disappeared, and the land began to ‘de-sog’ itself. All areas of the reserve became accessible again and there was much to be seen…

An Enormous Feast

Our guide Saitoti Ole Kuwai was with guests on Rhino Rocks Road when he noticed some leopard tracks. He got out of the vehicle and followed them a short distance on foot. The tracks were going north towards Mbogo Drainage.
The group drove to Mbogo Drainage and, after an in-depth look, they could not find any sign of a leopard. Saitoti picked up his binoculars and looked back towards the south.
He soon noticed something red in a tree very far away. “There’s a leopard over there”, he told the guests. They drove quite a distance and the red soon came visible. A zebra foal was hanging lifeless from the tree. His haunches had already been feasted upon. Draped above the carcass was an impressive male leopard.
It’s a great accomplishment for a leopard to catch a zebra, and very rarely witnessed – let alone hoisted up a tree for all to see!

Download the full wildlife report here: Singita Grumeti Wildlife Report May 2013