Singita Sabi Sand

Sabi Sand | August 2011

It is never an easy task to step into the shoes of somebody who has filled a position with success for a lengthy period.  James Crookes has been “chief editor”, if you would like to call it that, of our monthly Guides’ Diary for the past year, and now that he has moved to Singita Kruger National Park, the onus is on me to ensure that we keep producing editions that are readable, entertaining and informative, and that the text of each issue is complimented by a suitable selection of photographs.  This is a challenge which I relish and look forward to, but one in which I hasten to add that I do not intend to tackle alone.  While James took the bulk of the responsibility on his strong young shoulders, my 52-year-old shoulders are going to need plenty of support!  I am indeed fortunate to have a highly capable team on whose knowledge and talents I can draw, and I pledge that, going forward, this journal is going to be more of a team effort.  I would like to thank Nicky Silberbauer, in particular, for her inputs.