Singita Sabi Sand

Sabi Sand | June 2012

For anybody who spends a considerable length of time in an ecosystem such as the Sabi Sand, it is always fascinating to witness the constant state of flux in the dynamics of the lion prides and coalitions within the area.  There are times of relative stability and times of major upheaval, followed again by more settled times.  Much has to do with the status of the various male lion coalitions in the area.
In the Sabi Sand, it is probably fair to say that the lions are currently going through somewhat of a “bumpy” time.

This is in no small measure due to the death, a few months back, of one of the members of the ageing Mapogo coalition.  This lion was cornered and killed by the four young males of the Southern or Selati coalition (it seems that the latter name will be used in future) over a buffalo kill not far west of Singita. The two remaining Mapogo members have not been seen much of late, and it is believed that they are spending most of their time a long way to the south of their previous territory.