Singita Sabi Sand

Sabi Sand | January 2012

Those of us who have worked in the Sabi Sand or Kruger National Park, or who have lived anywhere in Mpumalanga Province, for the past two decades, will remember the well-documented floods of 2000.  During that memorable year, excessive rains over a period of about 6 weeks had devastating and long-lasting effects on the roads, environment and infrastructure over a very wide area.  If I remember correctly, approximately 1000mm (40 inches) of rain fell in that 6-week period.  For the rest of that year (the height of the flood was in February) the Sand River flowed strongly, the grazing animals had lush green grass, and off-road driving was impossible in the wetter seep-line areas.  Nobody had experienced such floods before, and the level reached by the Sand River was several meters higher than ever previously recorded!  Some lodges closed for as long as 7 weeks back then, while others closed for shorter periods, but were hampered by conditions which made it very difficult to offer a quality safari experience. What was experienced back in 2000, was surely a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon.