Singita Sabi Sand

Sabi Sand | July 2012

The early morning silence is often shattered by a sound so foreign one would think it came from a creature resembling a dinosaur.  Upon closer investigation you would find something looking like this. Hippos return to the rivers and dams early in the morning after an evening of grazing. They leave early evening in search of grazing pastures.  They are colossal animals with huge tube-like bodies and short stubby legs. Photographed in great light though one sees a certain beauty to them not often portrayed. We had some great bird sightings over the past month.  Pictured here are three beautiful birds and even though they are not scarce by any means they remain breathtaking.  Pictured at the top is a Martial Eagle, the largest raptor in Africa.  Below left is a difficult-to-spot Coqui Francolin followed by a Green-backed Heron. As you walk around the grounds of Singita Ebony or Boulders Lodges you will notice tiny little movements out of the corner of your eye.  A flash of emerald, crimson or yellow grasps the attention of the viewer as a fairy-like creature flits from flower to flower with the grace and motion of a ballet dancer.  These are Sunbirds.