Singita Sabi Sand

Sabi Sand | September 2012

When rival lions meet it is not to exchange stories about how their day went or what is happening back in their neck of the woods. These explosions of fury and raw power are as intense as battles get in nature. Weighing in at over two hundred kilograms and equipped with lethal claws and huge canines they meet with one intent and one intent only, to kill and destroy. The two opposing coalitions met in battle a few weeks ago as the four eastern Majingalane males left their territory and stepped right into Southern males’ land, also numbering four. They met the Southern males with such force that it sent them scurrying further west. Fortunately for either side there was not much physical interaction in this clash of the titans but boundaries have been altered as the powerful Majingalane males drive home their authority within the Sabi Sand Wildtuin and move further west. This battle is far from over as the males are still young and in prime condition and I am sure they will meet again soon to settle this dispute of territory and power.